Fieldstone Counseling is a new organization working to engage with life’s experiences through biblically based, Christ centered, and clinically informed counsel.

Everyone is made with mental, physical, and spiritual demands, requiring care for the soul; but mental health care in America is more sought after right now than at any point in the last three decades. We’re excited about transformation throughout churches and local communities in northeast Ohio, an area in particular need of care.

Biblical Counseling

We’re passionate about the transformative work of the Lord, who takes the unexpected things that a person encounters and uses them to build a lasting testimony of His compassion. Our aim is to see families, marriages, and relationships flourish through the freedom that Christ offers and the wisdom of Scripture. We want to point to lasting hope for life’s hardships through empathetic and informed counsel. Because of Christ, there is always hope.

Stay Updated

We are currently preparing for launch, with more information to come in Fall 2017. Please sign up for our mailing list to learn how to become involved.

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