Lasting Hope for Life’s Hardships

Fieldstone Counseling exists to engage with life’s experiences through biblically-based, Christ-centered, and clinically informed counsel.


Fieldstone Counseling is committed to serving our community and local churches through biblically-based counseling.


“At Fieldstone Counseling you will find humility, hope, and help in a place where you are befriended and known deeply.”

Ed Welch, M.Div., Ph.D.

CCEF Faculty Member


“Fieldstone is carving out a new category. They serve hurting people by offering high-quality counseling that's both guided by the Word of God and honors the importance of local church communities. The counselors at Fieldstone are trained to address the complexities of a person’s troubles with humble confidence that God is always speaking a better word through Jesus Christ”

Jeremy Pierre, M.Div., Ph.D.

Lawrence & Charlotte Hoover Professor of Biblical Counseling
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary


“I’ve known Jonathan Holmes as a friend and counselor for several years. I have personally seen the benefits that a parachurch counseling ministry can provide. This is why I’m excited about the people, marriages, and families that will be blessed through the ministry of Fieldstone Counseling.”

Brad Hambrick, M.Div., Th.M.

Pastor of Counseling, The Summit Church
Assistant Professor of Biblical Counseling, SEBTS
Council Member of The Biblical Counseling Coalition


“There is a great need for counseling centers that are built on the foundation of the gospel, connected to the local church, clinically-informed, and provide spaces for people to encounter the hope of Christ. I am excited for what Fieldstone Counseling will mean for the city and churches of Cleveland and beyond.”

Jason Kovacs, M.A., C.B.C.

Executive Director, Gospel Care Collective
Co-Founder, Together for Adoption

We like to describe the counseling process using a simple metaphor.

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Concatenation. When you learn a cool theological word like concatenation, you want to drop it in conversation all the time! Of course, there aren’t many contexts that concatenation fits right into. Throwing it around also sounds pretty pretentious, so I’ve contained my use of concatenation to sessions. As it represents a key aspect of growth in sanctification, it’s quite useful there.

Understanding Our Identity

It is important that we do the necessary work to unpack an individual’s perceived identity in order to help us understand the core belief that is the foundation of their misplaced identity. Once we gain this understanding, we can work with those we are counseling and walking alongside to help them gain a biblical understanding of who they are in Christ and learn how to function out of that position. 


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