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September 2, 2022
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Retreating to Nature for Health and Healing

Led by: Benjamin Barnes & Melissa Affolter

Date: Saturday, October 22nd 2022

Time: 9am-11am

Location: Furnace Run Metro Park 4955 Townsend Rd. Richfield, OH 44286

Price: $15

*In the event of inclement weather, participants will be given the option of shifting to a new date or receiving a refund.

Overview & Purpose

Do you find yourself operating from a default mode that is marked by striving and doing, rather than abiding and resting? Would you like to practice what it looks like to lie down in the green pastures of God's presence, and sit by the quiet waters of refreshment? You are invited to join us for a morning event, facilitated by two Fieldstone counselors, that includes a brief presentation, a two-mile hike in the Furnace Run Metro Park, and a reflective wrap-up.

Additional Details
The hike is considered an easy-moderate trail. Please participate at your own discretion. Participants will be required to sign a release form prior to the event. Participants are responsible for arriving with appropriate footwear, and with any desired items such as water bottles, trail snacks, medication, etc.

Goals & Objectives

  • To pause, slow down 
  • To think about how God reveals himself to us through nature and how nature reveals God to us
  • To embrace how nature gives us space to wrestle with and contemplate the things of life 
  • To identify old, default ways to being and doing and to replace the old with something new 
  • To spend time “noticing” and engaging the senses 

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