Family & Adolescent Counseling

We offer counseling to families and adolescents who could benefit from having an outside voice offer hope and help in the midst of family hardships.




Each person should click “Start” create an account with Biblicare, the counseling service platform we use.


Then each person should fill out an intake form appropriate to their needs (either Adult Intake Form or Child/Adolescent Intake Form). All adults must fill this out for themselves. Child forms should be completed jointly with the parent present. When finished push the “Request Care” button to formally request counseling.


We will pair your case with one of our counselors suited to your needs. Then your Fieldstone Counselor will contact you directly to schedule your sessions. All child/ adolescent counseling begins with a parental intake consultation session where only the parent/guardian(s) is in attendance.


Your first session! Follow the links below to be prepared. You will receive an email to give for the session 24–48 hours after each session.

Our Approach

At Fieldstone Counseling we value the role of the parent in a child’s life. We believe that God created and designed the family, a mother and a father, to be lovingly present in a child’s life. That role is one of teaching and caring for them in order that they might know God as their Father and live a life that pleases and honors Christ (cf. Deut. 6:4-9). In other words, the role of a parent is one of biblical discipleship—parent to child.

We are aware, though, that parents often face challenges in this charge. Parents face brokenness, dysfunctional family systems, troubled families of origin, physiological, environmental, and sociological factors which all conspire to make the process of parenting a most challenging one. At Fieldstone we are eager to offer a layer of help and care in this process. We exist to offer advice and counsel, not to replace your role as parents. In this way, Fieldstone counselors will always seek to be supportive of godly parental authority, but also seek to be a godly advocate for the child/adolescent in our care.

For questions or concerns about whether they are at an appropriate age, please read our letter below titled “A Word to Parents” for guidance, and email or call us if you desire any additional help.

Getting Started

If you are a parent or guardian seeking counseling for anyone under the age of 18, please get started by seting up a Biblicare account in the name of the person who needs care. All child/ adolescent counseling begins with a parental intake consultation session where only the parent/guardian(s) is in attendance.

There are no shared accounts on Biblicare. All individuals (both adults and children) who will be an active part of the counseling must set up their own accounts and complete intake forms appropriate to their needs. Counseling cases with multiple parties will be kept on hold until all individuals who will be a part of the counseling time have completed the intake process. 

For Families

Fieldstone values the opportunity to provide counseling to individuals, couples, and families. Fieldstone does not provide mediation services. In family cases where there is more than one family unit involved, each family unit will need an individual consultation with a counselor before a larger, family counseling session can be set up in person. We do not offer these large group sessions in a remote format. Extended family counseling cases in need of mediation services are advised to pursue referrals and resources in their local community.

We are not able to begin counseling while an active CPS investigation is taking place. Thank you for understanding.

Your First Session

We want you to have a successful first appointment with Fieldstone Counseling.  You will find all that you need on our First Session page including directions and financial details. Reach out to your counselor directly to make changes to your appointment. If you have additional questions, please contact the office—we’re happy to help.

We request a donation of $110 per session of Family & Adolescent Counseling.

A counseling session lasts approximately 50 minutes in length. You will receive an email to give for the session 24-48 hours after each session. We accept check, cash, or credit card and are happy to work with churches, individuals or others who wish to cover the counseling sessions for someone they care for.

Fieldstone Counseling does not accept insurance, but scholarships are available.


We take all information provided on the intake form into consideration, including your availability and selected location. In light of this, there is a possibility that your chosen location and time frame may be at maximum capacity with our current counselors. If this is the case then you will be notified and placed on a waitlist until a counselor becomes available.

If you do not have an email address or the ability to use our online platform, please call our office at (330) 896–7204. We are happy to accommodate your needs.

Wondering about something else not covered here? Please reference our Frequently Asked Questions.



Questions? Reach out at office@fieldstonecounseling.org

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