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April 26, 2022
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It’s fascinating to watch a blacksmith forge a chain. Each link is carefully intertwined, bonded by heat, hammered together with pressure. The integrity of the chain is linked to the blacksmith’s power on the anvil. Strong, tight bonds make the chain sound. The resilience to pull the weight of each task comes directly from the blacksmith’s skillful hand. Well-forged chains are dependable and useful.

Similar chains connect humanity. Most of us understand that hurting individuals often hurt others, but at Fieldstone, the opposite is likewise true. Those who have been helped through the lasting hope of the gospel often long to help others. Fieldstone recently received a heartfelt letter beautifully tracing this pattern of care. The correspondence came from a family that had received counseling scholarships during a time of need, and it contained a check. The author told a moving story describing their chain; “Knowing the value (of) counseling services and the impact Fieldstone is having on people’s lives, it is important for us to pay back towards that which was provided to us…thank you for allowing us the blessing of care.” 

As believers, the chain forged by Christ’s sacrificial love connects us to others and compels our love. This dynamic cycle of caregiving is striking. As Paul notes in 1 Corinthians 1:4, we comfort others through the comfort we ourselves have received. Each member of the Fieldstone Counseling team has received Christ’s inspiring comfort. Fieldstone’s generous donors have too, and this divine gift inspires their financial support. While some have been personally touched through the ministry of Fieldstone, others have not. Those donors have experienced the wellspring of hope that comes through our Risen Savior, and desire to share it with others. Their generosity touches many!

Bonds of kindness form as we embrace and share gospel hope through the fiery trials of life. These bonds power Fieldstone’s caregiving. The chain of donors, counselees, counselors, prayer partners, supporting churches, and corporate sponsors is vital to our ministry. Forged by Christ alone, this chain gives us strength to help others with their heavy loads. Thank you for your support of the ministry of Fieldstone Counseling. Every link makes a difference!

Crystal is a Christ-follower, wife, mother, counselor, and friend. She is passionate about connecting others with the truth of God's miraculous power and sustaining presence.

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