Online support group for women seeking growth and healing amid distress

Led by Karen Corcoran, Fieldstone Counselor

What physically happens to us when we carry the impact of intense emotional or spiritual distress in our bodies? How can we identify and process the pain and suffering that our bodies and souls experience as a result of things like ruptured relationships, abuse, abandonment, trauma or other forms of suffering? What does a pathway of growing in healing, hope, resilience, and rest as embodied souls look like?

Since God created us body and soul, we can oftentimes become disoriented because of our deep wounds. “Reorient & Rest” is a unique setting for fostering growth in healing through abiding in God's Word and his Spirit. Together, in our small group setting, we will practice and engage with various exercises to help you delve deep into listening to your body, considering your soul, gauging the impact of hurt, and assessing how your whole being is affected. We will linger, listen, and lean into the Psalms - beautiful, divinely inspired poetry given to us by the Wonderful Counselor. In doing these exercises, and leaning into God’s word, God’s Spirit “Re-orients” us, and reoriented abiding with him brings the rest our whole being is longing for.

Reorient & Rest will meet on six (6) consecutive Thursday evenings, live via zoom
Beginning July 7th, 2022 (Continuing 7/14, 21, 28, 8/4, 11)
Time: 7-8:30 pm EST
Cost: $165*
Registration is limited so sign up today!
*Scholarships are available upon request. Email us for more information:

Group Objectives:

  • To grow in understanding how God created us as humans – body and soul.
  • To grow in awareness of the impact of abuse, trauma, and other forms of relational, emotional, and spiritual distress.
  • To grow in lingering with the Lord and others through God’s Word and his Spirit.
  • To grow in listening to God’s hope and his help.
  • To grow in leaning in, speaking openly and honestly to the Lord and with others.
  • To grow in healing, hope, resilience, and whole-being rest as the Lord rightly reorients us, body and soul.


Jessica Gallina taught and mentored children and adolescents as an intervention specialist for 12 years, before feeling called to become a biblical counselor.

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