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Jessica Gallina Frank is a Christ-follower who is passionate about coming alongside others through life’s hardships, while they find healing in God’s love and strength. She holds a master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Liberty University. Jessica is a licensed professional counselor but does not utilize that license in her counseling at Fieldstone. She received a master's degree in Educational Administration from The University of Akron and bachelors degrees in Mild/Moderate Intervention and Early Childhood Education from Baldwin Wallace University.

Jessica taught and mentored children and adolescents as an intervention specialist for over a decade before feeling called to become a biblical counselor. Serving as a leader in Celebrate Recovery and being a foster and adoptive parent are some of the experiences that sparked her passion for helping others that are facing adversity. Jessica has personally experienced the healing power of God’s hand through difficulties and desires to be humbly used by God to walk with others while they discover God’s light and truth amidst personal struggles. Outside of her work at Fieldstone, she enjoys spending time with her children, family and friends, running, reading, and enjoying nature.



BA (Mild/Moderate Intervention), Baldwin-Wallace College                                                                             BA (Early Childhood Education), Baldwin-Wallace College                                                                         MA (Clinical Mental Health), Liberty University   MEd (Educational Administration), University of Akron


Abuse and trauma, disability, child and adolescent issues, parenting


Green, Remote


Family Hurt, Generational Trauma and the Holidays

All emotions share important information with us and can help us understand the healing work that is needed. Many of us need help in moving truth from our heads to our hearts. If this is true for you, as it is for many of us that have experienced familial hurt, generational trauma, or abuse, I encourage you to seek out counseling care. 

Back to School: Comforting the Anxious Student

Scripture teaches us a lot on the topic of anxiety, offering us particular guidance on what a whole person approach to anxiety can look like. We can use this wisdom to access practical strategies to equip and care for our students, especially if we know that this is an area of struggle before the school year starts.

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