Joy Hu



Joy loves coming alongside people who like her, have experienced the challenges of living in a fallen world, to help them connect the promises of Scripture to their life circumstances. Her greatest desire is for her counselees to be drawn into a sweeter communion with Christ, who redeems all things, no matter how painful, for his glorious purposes. Joy herself has experienced the redemptive power of the gospel in her own life, living without sight from a young age, and is constantly amazed by the graciousness of God to use his people, in spite of their weakness, to fulfill his purposes for them as his beloved children. Joy was first drawn towards counseling after serving as a ministry leader in Reformed University Fellowship during college, finding the one-on-one opportunities to meet with other girls the times she most looked forward to in the week. However, it was not until she herself endured a painful season of disappointment, where God’s word ministered deeply to her heart, that she felt called to study biblical counseling. She graduated from RTS Charlotte in May of 2021. Joy enjoys reading, playing the piano, taking walks with her guide dog, and spending time with her friends and family.



BA (Communication Sciences and Disorders), James Madison University
MA (Christian Counseling), Reformed Theological Seminary


Anxiety, body image struggles, individuals and families affected by disability and special needs




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