Suzanne Hawkins

Counseling Intern


Suzanne’s first career as a speech-language pathologist in Cleveland paved the way for her to enter the counseling room. She enjoyed helping adults maximize communication limitations and walking alongside parents of children with chronic illnesses and developmental disabilities. Her interest in helping people through biblical counseling developed over 15-plus years of facilitating Bible studies, assisting with women’s ministry, and having the opportunity to walk with hurting women as part of her church’s lay counseling ministry. After her youngest of three children left for college, she also returned to the classroom, earning a graduate degree in pastoral counseling and joining the team at Fieldstone Counseling.

Suzanne has walked through several trials that increased her awareness of God’s faithfulness, care, and shepherding in her life. She desires to offer this hope to others who need to know they are not alone. Together with her husband of 30-plus years, Suzanne has one adult daughter, two adult sons who are married to wonderful women, and will soon be a grandmother! Suzanne enjoys reading, crafts, puzzles, thrifting, trips to the beach, and meeting new people while treasuring friends. 



BA (Communication Disorders), Abilene Christian University
MA (Speech-Language Pathology), Case Western Reserve University
MA (Pastoral Counseling), Liberty University


Depression, abuse, women's issues, parenting


Green, Remote


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