Weekend Word | Finding Comfort

April 5, 2024
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Weekend Word is a regular rhythm on the Fieldstone Counseling social media accounts. Each Friday, we share an abbreviated post from one of our counselors centered around a passage of scripture and offering brief reflective thoughts. These posts will now be added to our Resources page here on the website for additional reading preferences. We hope they might become a refreshing shift for you as you enter into the weekend!

We cannot give what we do not possess. To comfort others with that which we ourselves have been comforted, we must position ourselves to rightly discover and live from it. This is a comfort rooted in the Father’s love for his own Son — Jesus!, who secures our comfort because of his great love for us as well. What does it look like to position ourselves to find and keep this comfort?

Confess (v. 3) our need for comfort. All comfort comes directly from the Father of mercies, and we are all in desperate need of this comfort since we live in the context of our weak and limited humanity.

Receive (v. 4a) the comfort God provides. Confession naturally leads to receiving, as we engage with our need. We may dismiss or overlook the comfort that is available to us, due to the distractions and obligations we face in our daily lives. But God invites us to receive, with open hands, the comfort he offers.

Extend (v. 4b) God’s comfort to others. As comfort is received, we are empowered to extend it to others, something we would be unable to do apart from Christ’s work on our behalf. This is to strengthen, stand by, and encourage one another. When trouble came, Jesus himself extended courage to his disciples (John 16:33), exemplifying for us what it looks like to extend comfort to others in need.
Confess (v. 5) again our need for comfort. We acknowledge the cyclical nature of receiving and giving comfort. We never outgrow our need for comfort. In this sense, as we extend God’s comfort to others, it’s the natural order of God’s intentions for his people to need a continual return to his comfort. We live in dependence and we “share” in this dependence alongside one another.

Pause and reflect by journaling and praying through the following prompts:
When have you confessed to God your need for comfort?
What does it look like for you to receive God’s comfort?
How could you extend a specific form of comfort to those near you?
Read the broader context of 2 Corinthians 1:1-7, and consider how you might establish a regular practice of giving and receiving comfort.

Melissa Affolter has served in various aspects of counseling and discipleship ministries for nearly twenty years in the local church.

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Karen is passionate about coming alongside people, humbly helping them discover who they've been created to be.

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