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November 13, 2023
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Weekend Word is a regular rhythm on the Fieldstone Counseling social media accounts. Each Friday, we share an abbreviated post from one of our counselors, centered around a passage of scripture and offering brief reflective thoughts. These posts will now be added to our Resources page here on the website for additional reading preferences. We hope they might become a refreshing shift for you as you enter into the weekend!

"Because out of you will come a ruler who will shepherd my people Israel."

Matthew 2:6

When the scribes and chief priests told Herod of the coming birth of Christ, they echoed the words of the prophet Isaiah. This announcement described a ruler, unlike any ruler that had come before. Jesus turned everyone’s idea of a ruler on its head. ⁣

Doesn’t it seem strange to think of a ruler, one with power and authority, described as a shepherd of the people? It would be like announcing the next president as, “Here is _______, who has come to provide care, comfort, and protection for his people.” How did Jesus do this? By laying down his life! By bending low, coming near, and gently guiding his people toward safety and sustenance. ⁣

Thank you, Jesus, for being our kind and tender Shepherd, leading us toward still waters and restoring our souls; for not highlighting your power but pronouncing humility. ⁣

Go deeper:⁣

  • Consider picking up a copy of Dane Ortlund’s book, Gentle and Lowly.⁣
  • Listen to the song, “Jesus, Strong, and Kind,” by CityAlight.⁣
  • As we move toward Christmas, when we celebrate the birth of Jesus, start thinking about how to incorporate Advent resources or simply read through the Gospels over the coming weeks.⁣

Melissa Affolter has served in various aspects of counseling and discipleship ministries for nearly twenty years in the local church.

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