Weekend Word | Whose voice are you listening to?

March 11, 2024
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Weekend Word is a regular rhythm on the Fieldstone Counseling social media accounts. Each Friday, we share an abbreviated post from one of our counselors centered around a passage of scripture and offering brief reflective thoughts. These posts will now be added to our Resources page here on the website for additional reading preferences. We hope they might become a refreshing shift for you as you enter into the weekend!

What sayings do you remember most from your childhood home? For some, it might have been phrases of correction mixed with a bit of sarcasm — "You better change that look on your face or it’ll freeze that way," or "Let's play the quiet game." For others, there were commonly spoken terms of endearment and affection. Perhaps for others, the words spoken in our homes were rife with anger and condemnation, or for some, there were no words spoken at all. In each of these cases, we were listening. Our hearts were marked by those words and we may still bear the weight of them today.

The voices we listen to, and the sayings we hold in our hearts, have lasting impact. The writer of Proverbs is reminding us that when we listen closely to the sayings of wisdom, we discover health for our whole body! While we may have come to identify the brokenness of sayings we have heard from voices past, here, our attention is directed to the supreme voice of wisdom. He instructs us to keep these sayings, directing us to something that goes far beyond listening.

Keeping is a spiritual practice that brings life to our whole being. In a day when we are distracted, desensitized, and disembodied, our listening often falls short. We miss out on divine Wisdom. 

We listen, but we do not pay attention.
We listen, but we do not listen closely.
We listen, but we lose sight.
We listen, but we do not keep.

Here is the Father of all wisdom, calling his children to listen closely and to keep the sayings within our hearts. How? By remembering who keeps us! Jesus is the embodiment of Wisdom, life-giving words in the flesh. He walked in perfect wisdom so that our hearts would recognize wisdom rightly. He laid down his life for us so that we can be kept by that loving wisdom. He is our Brother-Redeemer, inviting us into eternal life where supreme wisdom reigns forever in glory.

Melissa Affolter has served in various aspects of counseling and discipleship ministries for nearly twenty years in the local church.

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