Weekend Word | You’re Too Late

April 1, 2024
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Weekend Word is a regular rhythm on the Fieldstone Counseling social media accounts. Each Friday, we share an abbreviated post from one of our counselors centered around a passage of scripture and offering brief reflective thoughts. These posts will now be added to our Resources page here on the website for additional reading preferences. We hope they might become a refreshing shift for you as you enter into the weekend!

Has this ever been you?

You consume another image bearer of God through pornography yet again. And you think to yourself, “I’ll make up for it this week with more prayer and Bible study.”

Or how about:

You angrily snap at your friend after she vents to you about her life. And you think to yourself, “She’ll either forget or I’ll make it up to her tomorrow by buying her a coffee.”

Fortunately, you’re too late.

You see, when you objectify another man or woman for your personal satisfaction, physically or virtually, you primarily sin against God. When you refuse to gently communicate your lack of emotional availability, instead steamrolling your friend, you primarily turn your back on God. 

And, friend, you're too late to make it up to God. In fact, this Sunday, Christians across the world will be celebrating the reality that nothing we can ever do—no amount of time reading our Bible, no amount of time in prayer, no amount of time at church—can satisfy what we owe God. Only Jesus could. The work is finished. Jesus has completed it all. 

This Easter, you have the chance - whether that’s for the first time or the 70th time - to celebrate side by side with believers what Christ has already accomplished for you. 

You’re too late. He’s already paid the debt you owe. He’s risen from the grave! Will you trust Jesus with your shame today? Will you pray to him for forgiveness? Will you ask him for wisdom to heal what you’ve damaged? 

To watch the video of this Weekend Word, click here: Weekend Word | You're Too Late

Ian joined the Fieldstone Counseling team after completing his Master's Practicum and Residency with the Boston Center for Biblical Counseling (BCBC)...

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