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June 28 - August 8 2023

Online Workshops

Summer Equipping Series 2023

An online workshop series for summer 2023 exploring 4 different counseling topics relevant for pastors, ministry leaders, teachers, people helpers, caregivers, parents, and more! Every workshop includes a 45-minute seminar-style presentation or panel discussion from experienced Fieldstone counselors, followed by 30 minutes of interactive Q&A. Each class can be purchased individually as a single-day pass, or get all 4 by purchasing the Summer Pass!

September 2022 - August 2023

Online Advanced Course

Standards of Care

Standards of Care is a 12-month course designed to offer both continuing education for seasoned biblical counselors as well as an introduction and enculturation to a biblical counseling model. These twelve individual sessions can be taken individually or together as a course. Each session will feature a lecture, a recommended reading list, an assigned reading, and an optional time of discussion and Q&A. 

Sign up at least 24 hours in advance to attend the class live. The full course or individual classes can be purchased at any time and past classes will be provided as recordings.



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