Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few of the questions we often receive at Fieldstone Counseling. If you can’t find the answers to your questions below, feel free to call or email us.



What kinds of counseling issues does Fieldstone address?

People come to Fieldstone Counseling with many different struggles. Some of the issues that we regularly counsel include:

  • Marriage and family issues
  • Anger and conflict
  • Guilt and shame
  • Struggling with loss
  • Depression
  • Eating disorders/body image
  • Abuse
  • Fear and Anxiety
  • Obsessive and compulsive behaviors
  • Addictions
  • Loneliness

We are not a clinically-based intervention team; therefore, if you are currently in crisis (suicidal, homicidal, manic, etc.), please call 911 or the national suicide hotline, 988.

Does Fieldstone Counseling use licensed professionals?

Fieldstone Counseling does not use licensed professionals. Your Fieldstone counselor is trained in the use of the Scriptures in counseling settings. Although some of our counselors have additional training and/or licensure, for purposes of their counseling at Fieldstone, they solely practice biblical counseling, which requires a commitment to the position that the Scriptures provide the authoritative rule of faith and standard of conduct. Please note that, as biblical counselors, Fieldstone counselors are not professional counselors or professional therapists as described in Chapter 4757 of the Ohio Revised Code, and Fieldstone Counseling does not otherwise provide professional clinical counseling or professional mental health services.

Where are you located?

Fieldstone Counseling has two different locations as well as provides remote counseling through Google Hangouts,, and Zoom.

  • Fieldstone Green: 1559 Corporate Woods Parkway, Suite 10 Uniontown, OH 44685
  • Fieldstone Lakewood: 14398 Detroit Ave. Lakewood, OH 44107
  • Remote Counseling: inquire at
  • In addition to our two main locations, our counselors on occassion will meet in local churches that have graciously provided space to us.


Do you take insurance?

Fieldstone Counseling can not take health insurance for the suggested donation. Please contact your local church and inquire about their ability to assist financially before requesting aid through Fieldstone. After checking with your local church, please apply with us for a reduced suggested donation. Fieldstone scholarships and reduced counseling rates are effective for 10 counseling sessions. After this point, we will work with you to reassess your needs. Contact for scholarship requests. 


What does Fieldstone mean when they ask for a suggested donation for counseling?

Fieldstone Counseling is a non-profit organization that is dependent on the generosity of donors and supporters. Additionally, to help us provide the highest level of services to our counselees, we seek a suggested or recommended donation to help offset our organizational and administrative costs. These suggested donation amounts are based off similar biblical counseling centers in the US. When the suggested donation is made for counseling, the donation is not considered tax-deductible because counseling was exchanged for the donation made. Only the amount donated in excess of the suggested donation would be deductible for a given counseling session. All other donations made (that are not in exchange for counseling) are tax-deductible. See our Giving page if interested in charitable donations. 


What if I can't pay the suggested donation?

Fieldstone understands that the suggested donation amount might not be feasible in some circumstances. We seek to not turn away anyone in need due to financial reasons. In these circumstances we recommend that you apply for a Fieldstone scholarship. Once the application is submitted our finance office will work with you to set a reduced suggested donation amount that is tailored to your situation. In most cases we do ask counselees to invest in their own counseling by contributing financially in some way.
The scholarship fund is made possible through our network of donors and supporters who are grateful to be able to contribute and help off-set the cost for people in need of counseling. Additionally, we encourage counselees to pursue their local church (if they belong to one) for potential financial assistance. Many churches (including FC supporting church partners) are able and open to helping their congregants access counseling services. We are unable to work with insurance companies.

How do I make the suggested donation?

Approximately twenty four hours after each counseling session the counselee will receive an emailed invoice from our finance system, Square. Email is the default way in which counselees will be contacted. Square is a secure system that allows giving by credit or debit card. The email address used to fill out the intake form will be the address where these emails are sent unless otherwise specified. We are happy to work with Third party payers such as a church, employer, or family member. If applicable, their information should be indicluded on question 8 of the intake form and our finance office will be in touch. 

If giving by cash or check is preferred, we would be happy to accommodate that upon request. A hard copy of the invoice can be mailed with a pre-addressed return envelope included. Again, if you would prefer to use this hard copy system please contact us directly to specify this preference. Our finance department can be reached by email at or by phone at (330) 896-7204.


Can I see someone immediately?

Once we have received all the necessary paperwork it can take up to one week to be paired with a Fieldstone Counselor. We take all information provided on the intake paperwork into consideration, including your availability and selected location. In light of this, there is a possibility that your chosen location and time frame may be at maximum capacity with our current counselors. If this is the case, then you will be notified and placed on a waitlist until a counselor becomes available. This is a common experience. 

We are not a 24 hour emergency care facility. If you are experiencing a crisis you should contact a physician, a local emergency room or the local police department when necessary and appropriate by dialing 911.

How do I make appointments?

To schedule your initial appointment, you will need to complete the intake paperwork. After all of the appropriate intake forms have been submitted, a Fieldstone team member will contact you to schedule an initial appointment.

  1. To schedule an individual appointment, please complete the intake paperwork for yourself. 

  2. If you are a parent/guardian filling this out for your child or adolescent (anyone under 18 years old) please use the adolescent-specific intake form. There will be an opportunity for both the child and the guardian to write information on this form. We also recommend you read the “Note to parents” before beginning counseling for your adolescent.

  3. If you are looking to pursue marriage or family counseling, we require completed intake paperwork for all individuals that will regularly be part of the counseling time. This means a husband and wife will each fill out their own intake form.

  4. If you are pursuing family counseling all active participants who are over 18 must fill out their own intake form.

What if I cannot make my appointment?

We ask that you give at least a 24 hour notice for cancellations. If you fail to give us a 24-hour notice we would ask you to provide a $50 donation for your missed appointment.



How many sessions will I need?

Fieldstone Counselors determine the number of sessions according to your individual needs. Your counselor will work with you to determine the number of sessions recommended, although your total investment is often not known at the onset of counseling.

How long do sessions last?

Counseling visits are offered in 50-minute sessions. Sometimes counselors will suggest longer sessions if they feel it will help progress.

What’s the difference between marriage and family sessions?

Marriage sessions are when both husband and wife are present for a counseling session; this has a suggested donation rate of $110. Family sessions are when more than one member of a family is present together in a counseling session. The counselor will work with you to determine the best format for your situation. These sessions are typically a parent/ guardian and a child or adolescent. Family sessions have a suggested donation rate of $110. All child/adolescent sessions are a suggested donation rate of $110 per session. 

Any individual who is seen in counseling must have their paperwork completed and processed. For legal reasons, we cannot counsel individuals who have not completed this step.

May I sit in and observe my child’s session?

We encourage parents to have a conversation with their counselor about what is the best approach to counseling. Some of our counselors like to see the child/adolescent first before moving to joint family sessions, while other counselors prefer a joint family session at the beginning. Fieldstone Counseling believes that God has placed and given parents a unique calling and responsibility in their children’s lives. We seek to involve parents in their child’s counseling when it is helpful and appropriate.

For questions regarding the billing of these sessions, see the question above.



Who uses remote counseling?

Anyone! We understand that there are circumstances in life that prohibit us from getting to a physical site for an appointment. While we always would prefer the opportunity to work with you in person, remote counseling is great alternative when that isn’t possible. We hope that remote counseling would be a blessing to meet you where you are.

How do you do remote counseling?

Our counselors use one of three platforms for remote sessions: Google Hangouts, Zoom, or Doxy.Me. Prior to your session, you will receive an e-mail from your counselor with information about what platform you will use and you will be provided a link to join the session. If using you will be placed in your counselor’s waiting room and when they are ready they will let you into the session. It’s that simple; no username and password or creating online accounts. For more information on remote sessions please see this page

Is it any different to get started with remote counseling versus in-person counseling?

The process for remote counseling begins the same way as in person. Create an account, complete the intake paperwork, and then our team will get in touch with you to set up your appointment. 

You counselor may provide you with an additional form to be read and signed before your first remote session. This document is a remote counseling expectations contract and it will guide you through the necessary steps for setting up your remote sessions.

Do I need any special equipment?

No! Besides access to a strong internet connection, Google Hangouts and and Zoom all work on PCs or Apple devices; even a Chromebook. Make sure your device and/or computer has access to a camera and microphone. We do not reccomend using your phone for these sessions. We also do not reccomend sessions to be conducted over Facetime. 


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