Counseling Consultation

We offer consultations with a Fieldstone counselor to serve churches and individuals in a variety of ways. Consultations are one- time meetings where we can listen, speak and provide substantive insight for complex situations.




Click the “Start” button and fill out a brief survey explaining your situation and need. You do not need to make an account on our counseling platform.


We will pair your request with one of our counselors suited to your needs. Then the counselor will contact you directly to schedule the meeting.


Please reference our First Session page to prepare for your consultation. Follow the links below for directions and more.


You will receive an email to give for the consultation 24–48 hours after its conclusion.

General Consultations

Do you have a complex counseling case on which you would like to receive help or feedback? Are you interested in counseling but still deciding if we are the right fit? Do you have a complex situation that needs Biblical wisdom? For all these questions and more, our counselors are eager to discuss.

Active Case Consultations

We also offer counseling consultation In some cases where outside perspective is needed with a pastor, ministry leader, or another Fieldstone Counselor. Outside consultation could be needed in situations such as:

  • Complex abuse cases
  • Cases involving multiple family members
  • Communication needed with a pastor or ministry leader from your local church
  • Communication between an counselee’s individual counselor and marriage counselor

Notice will be given in advance to the counselee as well as all relevant ROIs (Release of Information) on file.

We request a donation of $75 or $110 for each consultation based on the need and type of consultation.*

This rate may be increased if accommodating for larger groups.


If you do not have an email address or the ability to use our online platform, please call our office at (330) 896–7204. We are happy to accommodate your needs.

Wondering about something else not covered here? Please reference our Frequently Asked Questions.



Questions? Reach out at office@fieldstonecounseling.org

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