Crystal Kershaw

Director of Strategic Initiatives & Counselor


Crystal is a Christ-follower, wife, mother, counselor, and friend. She is passionate about connecting others with the truth of God's miraculous power and sustaining presence. Biblical Counseling allows her the opportunity to see the Gospel impact lives, and bring beauty from ashes. Crystal has a background in women's ministry and Christian Education, and is the founder of Spirit & Strength, a Christ-centered weight training ministry. She has authored a repertoire of studies and conferences on topics including authentic faith, combatting anxiety, attaching to God, engaged parenting, and overcoming lies. Crystal counsels with a focus on women, anxiety, and adoption.

In addition to her counseling work at Fieldstone, Crystal serves as FC's Director of Strategic Initiatives. In this role, she fosters relationships with individuals and corporations who share and support Fieldstone's unique vision for biblically-based, Christ-centered, clinically informed care. Crystal's blog,, features faith builders for the real world. Crystal and her husband have three adult children, and make their home in Northeast Ohio.



M.A., Pastoral Counseling


Anxiety, marriage, adoption/attachment, parenting


Remote Counseling


Direct Object

If we were to diagram the love Christ showed through his incarnational appearance in a manger and horrific death, we would draw a direct line from him to us. We are the direct object of his incredible descent into humanity, and his humiliation on a cross.

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Grace Active

As I examine my heart, I have to admit I’ve discriminated against a particular group of people. I disrespected them based on input I received from others–what I was taught and read, not personal experience.

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It was a rough session–they’ve been rough lately.  The woman on the other side of the screen is caught in an intense struggle with insurmountable health issues.  They affect her in countless ways, in each of her roles as a young wife, mother, friend, and daughter.  They shatter her sense of self, her personal security, and her view of God’s providence.  She’s tried everything she can think of to improve her situation, to no avail. The mystery of her struggle confounds every doctor and specialist she’s seen.

Memento Mori

Students of history generally find themselves drawn to certain time periods. Something about the people and powers of those moments fascinates, and they are drawn to the art, literature, and customs of a certain age. For me, this is the Renaissance. 

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I’ve been thinking a lot about flow lately. A new season of life has me setting new rhythms and mapping out new patterns for my schedule. A colleague mentioned workflow in a recent meeting–brainstorming how to squeeze the most out of each workday. 

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Telling stories requires choosing which details and bits of dialogue do best to build the visual for a reader. Flowery details sometimes overtake the plot. Odd words lead to distraction. Wise writers pick and choose.

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It was a blatant lie, a stunning one really, flashing there on the electronic billboard for all to see. I’m used to the manipulations of marketing, and how misleading images can subtly deceive. But this message, though well-intentioned, seemed far more destructive.

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